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Debt Management Plan

Debt management will allow you to repay your debts without having to borrow more money.

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Debt Management Program

DebtPlan Direct’s debt consolidation program can help you if you are suffering from the strain of debt.

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Debt advice

Our debt management advice, our expert advisers can guide you to the right solution to get you out of debt.

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Get out of debt

If you are finding yourself struggling with debt then no doubt you want rid of it in the quickest and easiest manner.

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Manage your debt Help with debt

We help manage your debt effectively guiding you to become financially independent.

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Help with payday loans Recommend a friend

Receive £50 for every person you recommend to use our service, it's so easy.

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Debt Management

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DebtPlan Direct - A Debt Management Company That You Can Trust

Free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services is available and you can find out more by contacting the Money Advice Service.

Debt management is about recognising that you have a problem with debt and taking appropriate steps to deal with that problem. A debt management company can provide you with a plan that details the precise steps that you need to take. A specialist debt company acts as the intermediary between you and your creditors to negotiate an affordable amount for you to pay back each month. There are huge benefits to opting for a debt management plan to manage your debts and you are only bound by your individual personal commitment and not by any legal contracts.

Managing debt does not have to have the negative stigma it so often has attached to it; instead think of the process as a positive way to get closer to a healthier bank balance. By facing up to your debt issues, you are one step closer to living a normal life where the money you earn can be spent more rewardingly. The first step might seem difficult, but remember that you are dealing with experienced professionals, who have help many people like you before. So, contact us about a debt management plan today and let us help you put your history of debt behind you.